Online faxing is a service that provides modern business with more benefits than they can count. The service not only helps the small businesses to save money, but it also helps the large corporations to gain a smoothness to their daily operations. The following is some information on online faxing.

Online Faxing - What it is and Who it Helps

The online faxing service is exactly what it sounds like it is. It is the ability to send and receive faxes online. This means that the days of the heavy and expensive fax machine are almost done. Online faxing customers do not have to trouble themselves with worries about paper, toner or any other such fax machine related woes. An online faxing service can provide a client with quick access to the ability to send and receive faxes from anywhere. All faxes go through email where there are absolutely no messes or heavy machinery involved.

Online Faxing and Features that Wow

The good thing about small business internet faxing is that the service comes with an additional slew of features. Customers can appreciate features, such as a free fax number, multiple recipients, mobile faxing, online address book, customer cover pages, auto-archive and more. The free fax number can save the business money. Mobile faxing can make the business more effective. Workers and management personnel will have the ability to do their work while they are on the go. An online address book ensure the user that he or she will always have contacts stored.

The pricing packages vary according to the amount of faxes that the company intends to send and receive. The smallest package is one that is $2.99. The $2.99 package provides the user with 25 pages of faxing per month. The next package is $4.99, and it provides the users with 500 free faxes per month. The $19.99 packages is for the heavy hitters, and it provides them with 1,000 faxes per month.

The best part of the deal is that interested parties can obtain a 30-day free trial so that they can test-drive the superior features. The company is so sure that people will convert after their test-drive period that it gives them an entire 30 days to consider.

A curious business owner can get started today by calling 888-201-4170. The representative will go over the options that the person has so that he or she can make an informed choice. The company has something for customers of all types. Small to large businesses can benefit from this system.