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In today's world, the level of customer service is at an all-time low. So, when I interact with someone who provides great customer service, it's important that it be noted. Today, I had a wonderful customer service experience with Shaun Hilario. Shaun's ease of communication, his knowledge of the product, and his willingness to truly help me, the customer, was deeply appreciated. You are fortunate to have Shaun on your team.
Very Best, Donna Keehn

I just wanted to remark that our company could not be happier since subscribing to Your service is simply amazing!!
Bruce Mizell
President/CEO Global-ENC, Inc.

Five Stars to I have been using a different internet faxing provider for the last four years with much difficulties and frustration, I finally gave them the axe and picked up your service.... Wow! what a great service, Easy to use and quick! I just want to say you guys Rock! And I am happy with as my new permanent faxing solution.
Alan A. Alicante

I just want to let you know of the great experience I had calling into your customer support line. I talked with Gene who was very patience and knowledgeable about your product. I have to admit when I called it was after calling other fax services who I thought I had an account with so I was very frustrated up to that point. He took it in stride and showed some empathy to my dilemma. He listened to what I had to say and in a short period of time, all my anxiety went away. First of all he helped get me squared away with my account and how to log into your web site. Then he proceeded to give me a tutorial of how to use your service via your website and Outlook. He also explained how to use your site to look at my profile and add additional numbers and other settings. I can go on but this email would get too long.

In short, you have an OUTSTANDING support person working for you. He deserves a huge cudo, pat on the back, raise or any other incentive to keep him on your staff. You made a wise choice in hiring Gene.
Thank You, Hector Moreno

I have been using your service for a number of months and just wanted to let you know how great your product is and how easy it is to use, I have never had a problem sending or receiving faxes. Your website could not be easier to use and your prices are the best around. Thanks for offering your customers such a great product. I do not know why anyone would use some of the other on-line fax services which are much more costly. OnlineFaxes: you blow away your competition. Keep up the great work.
Jonathan Carey

Had an online chat with Roy on November 10 2015 at 6:15 PM. He was VERY helpful. Calmed me down... Hope you guys are using him for training and development, or at least hiring more like him. Thanks Roy!
Parker Geiger
Image and Brand Development