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Small Business Internet Faxing

Small business internet faxing offers affordable and convenient options for businesses looking to add efficiency while reducing costs. Such services offer multiple pricing packages, variable features, and ease of use for all your faxing needs. It can be as simple as sending an email.

Internet faxing features

Online faxing lets you send a fax from devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Faxes can be sent via email as well. With small business internet faxing, you no longer need to stand next to a loud machine waiting (and hoping) for your fax to transmit. Instead of complicated service and maintenance needs, small business faxing requires a small fee for monthly sending and receiving of faxes.

Choosing small business fax phone numbers

In small business fax solutions, many firms opt to use a local phone number with a familiar area code and prefix. Others want to offer customers a toll-free number option as well, which usually requires a nominal additional fee. You might even want to use a vanity phone number that ties into your business. Here's a site that lets you see specific number options available both locally and toll-free.

Small business online fax features

Many services offer optional features that give small businesses more functionality to their online faxing service. Here are a few:

  • - Send faxes to multiple people at the same time.
  • - Receive a fax confirmation after your documents are sent.
  • - Transmit faxes over email.
  • - Create customized cover sheets for your faxes.
  • - Store faxes you've sent in a secure online archive.
  • - Organize your faxes into folders.
  • - Use your small business website, proprietary mobile apps or business software program with an online fax solution. These features allow you to send faxes, manage address books, read incoming fax messages, and archives faxes that are sent and received using the website, app or software.

Advantages to small business online faxing

There are a number of major advantages for small businesses in using online faxing services. Here are a few of the major ones.

  • Resource conservation. This kind of faxing is paperless, which is important for green-minded businesses.
  • Integration and storage. These services are easily integrated with mobile apps, websites, and email. Storage allows for neat and organized filing and retrieval.
  • Less equipment. With online faxing, small businesses don't need to install more hardware, software or phone lines.
  • Security. With the ability to store faxes online, privacy for businesses, and their customers, suppliers, and vendors is ensured.
  • Any device, anywhere. Faxes can be sent and received on mobile devices, smartphones, or computers anywhere in the world.

Free trial for online faxing

Many businesses offering small business internet faxing let customers try before they buy. Having a free month-long trial is a typical option, letting small businesses see what features they need and how easily these services are to use.