Secure internet faxing guarantees an easier, safe way to send and receive documents. You will find that the vast majority of businesses use a fax service on a regular basis. Many businesses have turned to faxing safely through the cloud.

If you're looking for a fax service that allows users to send and receive documents in a secure manner, there is no need to look any further than Here at, we offer a high quality subscription based online faxing service that is priced the lowest in the industry.

Secure Internet Faxing

Online fax services come with a surprising list of features. Users are provided with either a local or toll-free phone number from which they can send and receive faxes. No software is required to use the service, and it is mobile-compatible. Here are some of the primary online fax benefits that you'll realize from this service:

OnlineFaxes Application Program Interface

For the convenience and satisfaction of our customers, OnlineFaxes offers an application program interface that is both simple to use and secure. Our API, which enables users to take advantage of our online fax services, is a web interface that is based on HTTP GET/POST. This API is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Apple's OS X. Therefore, you don't have to worry about changing the operating system installed on most of the computers in your workplace before you decide to pay for our services.

You will also be happy to know that our application program interface is compatible with many programming languages, such as Java, C, and C++. Therefore, you will have no problem integrating your systems with our online fax service. Our API is centered around a few simple resource elements, which are SendFax, DeleteFax, DownloadFax, GetFaxList, GetFaxDetails, and FaxStatus. You will find that each resource supports multiple data formats, such as XML and JSON. The resources are also compatible with many parameters within the scheme for URI.

Security of OnlineFaxes Services

OnlineFaxes is dedicated and committed to security when it comes to our online faxing service. This is evident by our bank grade security and our compliance with the HIPAA guidelines. We utilize state-of-the-art secure server infrastructure and SSL encryption to keep your documents both secure and private.

Here at OnlineFaxes, we understand that most small- and medium-sized businesses simply cannot afford to shell out money for advanced security to protect their data. As a result, many small and mid-sized businesses have no choice, but to rely on software. However, this can be risky, because if the data corrupts or the server crashes, most business plans don't have a plan B or plan C to ensure they can retrieve this information in its entirety in a safe and secure manner.

We realize that your faxes are incredibly important and must be protected and secured at all costs. Therefore, we have purchased multiple world-class data centers, which are manned around the clock every single day. We encrypt all sensitive data and our infrastructure will further ensure bank grade security for your data.

HIPAA Compliance

The purpose of HIPAA guidelines is to ensure the privacy of all healthcare patients. While there is no certification in existence for HIPAA compliance, we can assure you that OnlineFaxes fully adheres to these HIPAA guidelines. In fact, we have many technical and administrative safeguards in place to ensure these guidelines are followed down to a T.

Technical and Administrative Safeguards

  • We control access to our computer systems to ensure documents containing patient health information (PHI) are not intercepted while being transmitted electronically by anyone besides the designated recipient.
  • We utilize encryption when information is transferred over open networks. When information is transferred over closed systems, we rely on our existing access controls, which are more than sufficient.
  • Covered entities must ensure that all data has not been tampered with in an unauthorized manner. They must also authenticate any entities they communicate with. The covered entity must corroborate to authenticate the entity. Some examples of corroboration are token systems, password systems, handshakes, and telephone calls.
  • Covered entities must document HIPAA practices, so the government can determine whether the HIPAA guidelines are adhered to.
  • Our team of on-site personnel are trained and managed to comply with all security measures. We perform evaluations of our staff on a regular basis to ensure proper compliance.
  • We also evaluate and assess our policies and procedures on a quarterly basis.
As you can see, OnlineFaxes is the best solution if you're in need of an online-based faxing service that you can depend on for security and privacy.