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Personal Fax Online Meets your Needs

Whether you're running a small business out of your home or simply want to manage your own personal documents, a personal online fax service is the easiest way to receive everything from insurance statements to utility bills. Personal faxes keep your information confidential, secure, and safe, and are able to quickly transmit documents that would be otherwise difficult to scan and email or upload.

Personal Fax Online Benefits

Rather than having to attach important documents to emails or deal with a cumbersome fax machine, a personal online fax makes it easy for documents to be sent directly to and from your computer. Online fax services are far less expensive than traditional fax machines and they don't waste paper; you send and receive your documents completely digitally. Online faxes are convenient for those who want to keep their important documents stored, but don't want to have to deal with a lot of paper. Through virtual faxing, you can keep bank statements, credit card statements, mortgage paperwork, personal loans, and all other forms of documentation easily accessible. Many companies -- such as doctors and lawyers -- require you to use a fax number or fax service, but most people simply don't have the space in their home or the money in their wallet to invest in a fax machine that they may use once or twice a month. Personal email faxing is the affordable and easy solution.

Features to Look For in a Personal Online Fax

1) The ability sign digital copies online.
The best personal online fax services make it easy for you to sign documents directly on your computer and then send them back; perfect for financial, legal, or medical documents that you need to return quickly. Don't waste time printing documents out, signing them, scanning them, and then sending them through email. Do it all through an all-in-one electronic faxing solution.

2) Be able to get a dedicated fax number.
If you own your own business (or simply want to make it easier for you to manage your personal documents), a dedicated fax number will make it much easier to receive documents. even offers local numbers in your area code.

3) Fax directly through email.
Rather than having to load up a separate program, you can simply send a fax by sending an email to a specific address. The document that is attached to your email (and the body of your email) will be immediately sent along to the recipient!

4) View and send faxes through your smartphone.
Smartphone support makes it easier than ever to manage your personal online fax account. You can receive faxes, review them, and send them just by turning on your phone, tablet, or other supported mobile device.

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