One of the most used and oldest forms of office technology still relied upon today by most businesses is the fax machine. Even email, now twenty years old at least, has failed to eliminate the fax altogether.

Online Faxing Free Trial

That's because, even though technology promised to do away with paper, we rely on the print copy even more today than ever. In many cases our paper consumption has gone exponentially bigger thanks to technology. So the fax machine stayed as a result because it offers the beneficial dual function of being both a scanner and transmitter in one machine. Now, there's a real solution that takes the same idea to the next level, a real practical benefit that people can use: a subscription digital fax service.

Digitizing the Fax

Where before, access to the fax was limited to the physical proximity to the machine, now you can both send and receive faxes digitally, and access them by computer, mobile phone, tablet, or print them out when needed as well. And your same electronic documents can be easily set up and faxed to a recipient, printing out as a hardcopy on the other end just the way you wanted the document to look.

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With the free trial offered by folks can see firsthand the benefits of digital fax capability without commitment and any long-term tie down. Instead, the opportunity allows users to really see for themselves how powerful digital fax benefits are for productivity, no matter where you happen to be working.

Send faxes online free offered by is a great way to get even the most conservative office manager on board because there is no up-front cost commitment just to try out a new and really easy way of communicating work product. The original fax machine was a hit because of its simplicity in moving the image of a document from one place to another. Digital fax takes the same idea further, and allows you to be anywhere, not just next to a clunky physical machine.