Faxing has never been easier than it is now with online faxing. You can get rid of that dinosaur fax machine that takes up space and complicates the sending and receiving of faxes. You always have to wonder if the fax machine is working properly, if it has enough ink, if there’s paper in it, and you never know when it’s going to jam. Enough time and money wasted on fax machines!

Online Fax Solutions, Free for 30 Days

Replace yours today with online faxing directly from your computer. Online faxing solutions are the simplest and fastest way to get your fax sent, or to receive a fax from anyone anywhere. It makes no difference where the recipient is located, because your fax will go straight to the computer. To receive and send online faxes the only thing needed is an internet connection. Sign up today for your risk-free 30-day trial!

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Online Faxing to Multiple Recipients
When you have one fax to send to multiple recipients, you can do it quickly and easily with our online faxing service. Instead of standing at a fax machine and sending to one person after another, use your computer to send your fax to everyone at the same time. Begin by putting in the email addresses of every person you want to send the same online fax to. You can even go one step further and create a customized fax cover sheet. Then attach the fax and hit send.

That’s all there is to it! You don’t have to wonder if your recipient received the fax, because with our system you’ll receive notification to confirm delivery.

Organizing Your Online Faxes
With online faxes, it’s much easier to keep them organized without faxes piling up in a stack on the corner of your desk. As you receive faxes in your inbox, you can choose to print them or keep them in a folder on your computer. You will gain easy accessibility to your documents without fear of losing them.

Free Online Fax Number
When signing up with our subscription service, we will give you your own free fax number. With online faxing solutions you have the option of choosing from either a local number, or for $1 per month, you can get your own toll-free number. Whatever you choose you can be assured of the highest level of online faxing quality for the lowest price.