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If you’re looking for fast and effective transmittal of your most precious documents, then it’s time to leverage an online fax platform to your advantage. Not only will you save money when you use our service compared to traditional faxing, but you will also enhance your ability to communicate safely, while you’re on the go. The benefits of online faxing make setting up service a no-brainer.

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When you use our online faxing service, you get a free fax number, instant setup and a service so secure its HIPAA compliant. Our service is also multi-device compatible, giving you unprecedented flexibility in your ability to send faxes online free. These perks and features are just the tip of the iceberg regarding what you stand to gain from online faxing. You can try our service risk-free for thirty days, giving you the opportunity to experience these benefits first-hand.

Advantages of our online faxing service include:
  • Fax to multiple recipients
  • Fax by email
  • Custom cover pages
  • Organize faxes with folders
  • Fast delivery confirmations

Pricing for Online Faxing
We offer the best price for online faxing guaranteed, which makes it easy to setup service knowing you’re getting the best price around. Also, our simple subscription program makes it convenient to start or stop service, whenever you see fit. There are no contracts, and nothing locking you into service. Ultimately, you get the highest quality faxing services at the most affordable price, when you need it most.

You can select from the following service options:
  • Starter Plan - $2.99 annually
  • Plus Plan - $4.99 annually
  • Best Plan - $19.99 monthly

An online fax platform can change the dynamics of your business and personal communications, saving you time, money and headaches, through effective transmittal of your documents. We offer high-quality, cost-effective online faxing options that make your life easier, anytime you need to transmit a document or search through past correspondence.