At, we understand the frequent headaches caused by bridging old and new technologies. Faxing documents was once the only way to correspond between different entities in order to do business. Today, most things are done via email. Many small business owners use their cell phone rather than land lines and work through email rather than the expensive office equipment that was once standard. The problem is that not every business you'll deal with will work the same. Some places only accept faxes rather than emailed documents - this may include clients or government entities which need documentation for licensing and other necessary tasks for running your business. At, we offer online faxing solutions, so our clients don't need to invest a great deal of money in equipment or landline numbers devoted to a fax line.

Internet Fax Plans for Your Needs

At, there is a choice of plans to suit your needs, whether you count on faxes regularly or they're just a once in awhile necessity. There is a 30 day risk free trial for all plans - try us for 30 days to see if our plan suits your needs at no cost to you!

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Starter Plan
The Starter Plan includes a free local number. If you'd like a toll-free number, there is a $1 charge. This plan includes 25 pages of sent and received faxes per month with a 10 cent per page fee for any faxes over the limit. This plan is great for those who need to fax in certain cases, but not routinely. The cost is $5.99 per month or $35.88 per year.

Best Plan
The Best Plan is named because it provides the best value. The plan includes a local number for free and there's a $1 charge for a toll-free number. You get 500 pages of sent and received faxes per month with a fee of 10 cents for each page over the limit. A great plan for companies that need fax capability with some regularity. The cost is $7.99 per month or $59.88 per year.

Plus Plan
The Plus Plan allows 1,000 pages of sent and received faxes per month and the fee for pages over the limit is only 4 cents per page. This plan also includes a free local number or a toll-free number for a $1 charge. This plan works for companies that rely on fax correspondence on a regular basis.

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