Internet faxing is an easy, convenient and quick way to send over contracts and other information to your clients without having to leave your desk. If you have any questions regarding the process, please read the frequently asked questions noted below.

Internet Faxing FAQ

1. What Is Online Faxing?
Online faxing is a process that entails sending faxes via email. It's fast, reliable and works the same as a traditional fax machine.

2. Does it Require a Fax Machine?
No, it doesn't require a fax machine. It acts a virtual fax machine and doesn't require anything besides an email address, Internet access and an account.

3. Can You Send Faxes Via Your Phone?
Yes, you can send internet faxes via your mobile device, tablet or computer.

4. Can You Send Faxes Anywhere?
Yes, you can send faxes anywhere in the world, to anyone who has an email address.

5. Can I Have More Than One Fax Number?
Yes, you are able to have more than one fax number assigned to your account.

6. I Do Business in Another City. Can I Get a Local Fax Number in a City Where I Don't Reside?
Yes, you can get a fax number in a city where you don't live, even if it's not in the same state or country.

7. May I Use the Fax Number I Already Have?
We have many available fax numbers for you to use; however, you are able to port your current fax number, but you will need to contact our support team first for more information.

8. Will People Sending Me a Fax Know I'm Not Using an Actual Fax Machine?
No, people who send you faxes will not know you're not using a traditional fax machine because it acts just like one.

9. Do My Faxes Remain Private and Secure?
Your online faxes send and receive through a number assigned to only you. Online faxing is actually more private than an office fax machine since all faxes go from and come to you via your computer, phone or tablet.

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