The fax machine has long been an important aspect of business communications and an easy way of sharing information between offices. It became popular in homes with the rise of internet technology, as professionals had the opportunity to work from home and share their work with the main office through email and faxing.

As emails and networking became more efficient and popular, the fax machine declined in popularity as other means of sharing documents became available and were proven simpler to use. However, it is still expected for an office, whether residential or commercial, to maintain an ability to send and receive faxes, even if the actual fax machine is less important than before. A company such as Online Faxes can provide the service without the clutter or expense of an actual fax machine.

How Online Faxing Works

When you set up an account with, you’re provided a local or toll-free phone number linked to your account and accessible through any internet device be it a SmartPhone, tablet, PC, or Mac. When somebody sends you a fax, simply provide the phone number and they can send it to you; the document will be viewable as either an email download or directly in the cloud associated with your account. To send a fax, simply upload it to your account and send it to the recipient’s fax number. All faxes appear no different than those sent with a traditional machine, but are sent and received with the simplicity of an email.

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Advantages of Internet Cloud Faxing Services
The main advantage of the service is that you have access to traditional faxing services directly from the internet device where your documents are stored. This, of course, results in saved time and less paper waste, as you no longer need to print a document and transfer it to a different device to send the fax. Further, you have important documents saved outside your office in a cloud in the records of faxes you’ve sent and received. This also means you have access to the documents from any internet device you own without the hassle of having to transfer files, even when you decide to upgrade your computer with a newer model.

Service Plans
The starter plan provides 25 sent or received faxes per month at a cost of $2.99/month with a year contract, or $5.99/month without a contract or obligations. The plan most professionals prefer allows for 500 pages of faxing at a no-obligation price of $7.99/month, or a mere $4.99/month with a one year contract. Each of these plans charges ten cents per page for overage use, or that can be reduced to four with the Plus Plan at $19.99/month with no contract and 1,000 pages.

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