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Online faxing services have expanded greatly since the days when every office had its own fax machine. Now, many companies have gotten rid of those machines, and instead, prefer to use online services to handle their faxing needs.

Industry Faxing Solutions

In order for an online fax option to work for corporate communications, it must have a few key features in place. Here are some of the top ones to look for:

  • 1) The ability to send faxes from multiple locations
  • 2) A free trial to test reliability and speed
  • 3) Provided phone numbers to accept incoming faxes
  • 4) HIPAA-compliant security

Sending Faxes from Multiple Locations

In today's world, being tied to a single location is no longer acceptable. This is one of the big reasons corporate fax users need internet services instead of traditional machines. With an online service, you can send a fax from a cell phone, email, or computer – anywhere you can get an internet connection. You'll never have to wait until you get back to the office to take care of your faxing needs.

Free Trials

With all of the internet fax companies around, it makes sense to be sure that the one you choose is actually good. Pick companies with free trials to test their fax services without having to pay. If you decide you like the service, simply allow the subscription to activate, so you and your company can continue using it. Subscription packages come in a variety of sizes, so that you can tailor your limit and costs to meet your needs. These packages are usually inexpensive.

Local Incoming Fax Numbers

Being able to send faxes online is great, but it's likely that you'll need to receive some as well. With online faxing companies, you don't need a landline or fax machine to get a fax. Instead, you get a free local number that people use to send faxes to you. Then, the fax company turns the document into a PDF file that you can download from the company's portal. Alternatively, you can have faxes sent to you as emails.

HIPAA-Compliant Security

HIPAA regulations call for some of the tightest security levels available. When you choose a company that can meet these regulations, you can be sure that your documents will remain private and secure while they're in the faxing service's hands. If your company needs to meet HIPAA's requirements, you can also be rest assured that a good provider of industrial faxing solutions won't break that compliance.