Enterprise online fax services are another way to streamline processes in any company. OnlineFaxes offers a free 30-day trial that allows your company to begin faxing online today.

Enterprise Online Fax

Online fax services come with a surprising list of features. Users are provided with either a local or toll-free phone number from which they can send and receive faxes. No software is required to use the service, and it is mobile-compatible. Here are some of the primary online fax benefits that you'll realize from this service:

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OnlineFaxes prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in the industry. The Plus Plan costs less per month than a phone line and provides a baseline of 1,000 document pages per month. You are openly challenged to find a better price for the same value.

The digital revolution has brought us to a time when devices are versatile and capable of almost anything you can imagine. Any piece of software can be modified and combined with others, but the amount of time the enterprise's IT department will spend getting the disparate parts to work together can depend on whether or not the technology was built with integration in mind.

OnlineFaxes Application Program Interface (API) and ability to operate from any e-mail inbox makes it possible to fit the online faxing capabilities wherever they make the most sense for your company. The online faxing service is active within the blink of an eye, and swapping from your current fax system is seamless through the number transfer service. Your contacts will never notice the change.


A solution that can't adjust to meet the rise and fall of your business's needs is one that will quickly be left behind. online faxing allows you to rapidly deploy agents to the field or to new offices without the cost of extraneous or specialized equipment.


Enterprises will inevitably make use of customer and associate databases, filled with valuable and sensitive information, to coordinate the efforts of multiple people working on similar tasks. OnlineFaxes.com is in compliance with the security protocols outlined by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The service operates on a system that has been fortified from threats in the digital world and the physical one. The data center is hardened against inclement weather conditions that can cause flooding or power outages, monitored around the clock, and access-controlled through multiple identity verification systems and security personnel.

Customizable and Adaptable

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