The Online Faxes team is here for you! We believe in connecting with you, and connecting you with others through faxing online. There are many ways for you to get in touch with us.
For immediate support you can get in contact with a representative by selecting live chat here or from the top of any page of our website clicking on the "CHAT" icon. Any Offline Messages you send will be responded to via email, while Online Live Support will be able to handle most of your immediate concerns.

Many questions about plans and services can be answered through our pricing page. There you can quickly setup a new fax service or begin using with no obligation, by starting your free online faxing trial.

For technical support with sales, billing, or other account concerns, you can click on the red Submit a Ticket button on the right side of this page.


In the modern world, the communication between the electronic devices that empower our livelihoods is incredibly important. The Application Program Interface (API) provides access to all of our services' features through information requests that respond with data in the easily parsed JSON format.

You can add the ability to send faxes, read incoming messages, manage address books, and keep an archive of sent and received faxes to your company's website, proprietary mobile applications, or business software.

For the full documentation on how to implement the API, as well as examples in common programming languages like the website-powering JavaScript, or the powerful C#, visit OnlineFaxes API page of our website.

Whichever way you choose to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!


- Matthew Miller
I'm simply at awe at the value that I have received from OnlineFaxes. Truly an unbelievable online fax service.
- Alex Gardener
That's right. No contracts or any of that nonsense, and you still get a free local # or toll-free for a buck.
- Mary Civoralli
Lots of features! Lots of storage, cover page, contact book …and more.

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