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At OnlineFaxes.com providing customers with the dedicated functionality they need is important, but it is only one small part of a much larger whole. Ultimately, our success comes down to our attitude. It has to do with the way we approach each project and the way that we treat our clients. It is with this idea in mind that OnlineFaxes.com has always pledged to operate with these three values each and every day:
At OnlineFaxes.com, we offer the type of unparalleled commitment that you just won't be able to find anywhere else. If you have a goal, we have a solution - period. We strive to make all of our sites and products as good as they can possibly be, no matter how difficult the path may be to get to that end result.
At OnlineFaxes.com, we don't just want to do good work - we want to do great work. We want to handle every client interaction with the type of energy and unrivaled enthusiasm that we did when we partnered with our first client all those years ago. Every client is valued and an integral part of our system.
The individuals who work for OnlineFaxes are honest, hard working and genuine. It is very important to each person at the company that the product they create is the best it can be. Each OnlineFaxes.com employee is part of a team that has character and sincerity represented through their work.

The OnlineFaxes.com Story

In just a few short years, OnlineFaxes.com has risen to the top of the competition to become an industry leader in the world of corporate online faxing and productivity solutions. This team of hardworking and passionate individuals makes every decision with one unique goal in mind: to help make the lives of both personal and small business users easier than they ever thought possible.
OnlineFaxes.com isn't just a leading provider of online faxing solutions for personal and small business customers all over the world - it's also a company on the rise. Under the guiding hand of Mira Noryi, Chief Operating Officer, OnlineFaxes.com has grown its customer base consistently by more than 100 percent with each passing year.
You don't become one of the #1 online fax providers globally (not to brag...) without an unparalleled product to back it up. For 7 years, OnlineFaxes.com has been recognized as "Fax Product of the Year". Also, CEO Mira Noryi has been honored with the coveted "Enterprise Award for World Class Talent" from the Eastern Technology Council.

Meet the OnlineFaxes.com Support Team


Meet the OnlineFaxes.com Development Team

Zaki Z.
System Architect / Team Leader
Zaki Z. - System Architect / Team Leader
As a system architect and team leader, Zaki feels truly blessed to be such an important part in a valued and exceptional community like the one that Onlinefaxes.com has come together to form. He is passionately excited about ideas, technology, history and more - taking everything that has come before and using it to create something vital and significant moving forward. He's always carrying a notebook around that is filled with many wonderful ideas he can't wait to unleash on the world someday!
Abdul W. - System Architect / Team Leader
As a system architect and team leader, Abdul truly enjoys being able to work in an environment that lets his creativity and his desire to be closer to human nature thrive. When he's not hard at work with Onlinefaxes.com, he deeply enjoys anything related to spirituality, science and knowledge. He's incredibly passionate about charities and groups like Inner Engineering and the Isha Foundation.
Abdul W.
System Architect / Team Leader
Muhd S.
Software Developer
Muhd S. - Software Developer
As a core software developer, Muhd is a team player in every sense of the term. He deeply believes in the idea that, if you want something you've never had, you have to be willing to do something you've never done - this is a core ideology that he carries with him into the world of Onlinefaxes.com every day. He's a passionate coffee and food lover and regularly supports a number of charities like Green Peace and Mercy Malaysia.
Tuan Y. - Software Developer
As a highly experienced software developer, Tuan prides himself on being an IT graduate who is still learning. He loves to work and loves the fact that he gets to see things in a different light each and every day. He's incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a great team of people and to be involved in the delicate and powerful process of developing IT products for US users.
Tuan Y.
Software Developer
Yan F.
Software Developer
Yan F. - Software Developer
As an engineer turned software developer with the passion to match, Yan is a valued member of Onlinefaxes.com. He's incredibly well-versed in a multitude of programming languages including PHP, C#, JavaScript and more. The only thing he loves more than being a software developer is literally everything about the Chelsea Football Club and the English Premier League.
Joe H. - Designer
Joe loves the opportunity to work in a great team with an international company doing what he does best - designing and programming with a computer. He's a reserve thinker, so don't let his "quiet on the outside" appearance fool you. Inside he's a creative machine, doing anything and everything to help propel Onlinefaxes.com forward into the company it was always meant to become.
Joe H.
Jeremy T.
Network/DB Specialist
Jeremy T. - Network/Database Specialist
Everything Jeremy does is done with purpose and all the work he does is done with pride, so it makes perfect sense that he has quickly become such a valued member of the Onlinefaxes.com family. He prides himself on his ability to either work or learn with every waking hour of the day. He's obsessed with productivity and efficiency and loves to study the human mind to discover the secrets that are just waiting beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed.
Fazli R. - Network/Database Specialist
As a network and database specialist, Fazli is so wonderfully appreciative of his ability to get to work with such a hard working and dedicated group of individuals with each passing day. He believes that a handful of broken sticks is harder than a single stick, which is the guiding spirit found in the Onlinefaxes.com team. In his spare time he enjoys experiencing a world that is truly full of wonders and supports charities like FreeRider.
Fazli R.
Network/DB Specialist
Izham B.
Izham B. - Tester
Izham is a firm believer in the idea that "your vibe attracts your tribe," which goes a long way towards explaining how he became such an important member of the Onlinefaxes.com family. When he's not hard at work being the most dedicated tester you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, he loves everything from traveling to music to meditation to exploring new things and beyond - he's even quite the dancer, truth be told!

A United Front

When you partner with OnlineFaxes.com, you aren't just becoming another client. You're becoming a true member of the OnlineFaxes.com family and we will always work hard to make sure that you never forget it. We will never look at you like you're a line item on a balance sheet. We will treat you with the utmost care and respect and will always provide you with the most dedicated team members and all of the skills you need to accomplish all of your goals - and then some!


- Matthew Miller
I'm simply at awe at the value that I have received from OnlineFaxes. Truly an unbelievable online fax service.
- Alex Gardener
That's right. No contracts or any of that nonsense, and you still get a free local # or toll-free for a buck.
- Mary Civoralli
Lots of features! Lots of storage, cover page, contact book …and more.

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